Fantasy Sports

Gather friends, draft smart, win and rub it in. New apps and websites are finding success by optimizing the experience.

Luxury Travel

The world grows closer & more connected every day. People are traveling further, faster... and smarter.

Social Media

Learn to earn as 2 billion people share 1 trillion pictures and videos using our groundbreaking technology.

The 3 Hottest Opportunities of 2015

(And How to Get in on Them)

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When looking at the best business to start, it's hard to ignore the seismic trend shift towards providing services online.

Social Media

Ad Spending: $4.6 Billion/yr
Market Cap: $187 Billion1

Social media has been the fastest growing industry for several years. Despite the increases, many feel that this trend is only getting started. Look for more years of double digit growth as targeted advertising and data becomes bigger and smarter.

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Fantasy Sports

Demographic Trend: 30+ Million Americans
2014 Market Size: $11 Billion2

The last decade has seen a rise in fantasy leagues among almost all sports and demographics. The community arrived far ahead of the infrastructure, however, which allows for an opportunity in the online development and software services.

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Luxury Travel

Tourism Industry: $7 Trillion
2014 Trends: 1.1 Billion Traveled Abroad3

Smarter travel resources, online price comparisons, and a growing economy has led to increases in luxury travel. Today's tourist can travel in the lifestyle of the super-rich and famous for prices that were once considered unimaginable.

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Why Just Fun & Money?

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"I made $7,500 in just a few months on Fantasy Football. Even if you're not into sports, imagine the future earning potential with millions playing Fantasy Football, Baseball, Basketball, Nascar, Canadian Hockey and World Cup Soccer in Europe?"

Tory M.

"I've been in several companies before this and I could never get anyone to help me. The one on one mentoring with this team and getting real help building my business is priceless. I've had as many as 10 people join in one week!"

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Tim & Petya E.

Sure people want money... but what else motivates a new business owner?

During the last 15 years, we've seen major changes in the way businesses and even whole industries have been created. Whether it's movies, music, transportation, dating or shopping; people are spending their time and money online. We've sorted through the short-term fads and saturated markets, highlighted the very best trends and hottest online businesses of the year, and created an opportunity we'd like to share with you now.

Most recently, the fastest growing services have been in social media, luxury travel and fantasy sports. These industries were built on the passion of hundreds of millions worldwide and barely existed just a few years ago. If you've always known that these industries were going to capitalize on trillions of dollars collectively, but had no idea how to get in on it, then you've come to the right place.

Not only is this a terrific opportunity for wealth building but it's incredibly FUN! You'll receive first-class access to these online services, luxury accommodations at cost, airfare discounts and much more. We connect you with a mentor who will show you EXACTLY how to build your business step by step.

People wait their whole life to be a part of an opportunity like this, don't let it pass you up.

Why pick 1 of these booming industries when you can offer ALL of them!

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